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Silk Press Hair

Silk press has long been a popular service, especially for those with coarse, curly, texture hair. Silk press allows the client to achieve the smooth, straight hair they’ve always wanted for up to a few weeks at a time.

At Focused On You, Inc., we are excited to be able to offer silk press services using nothing but the industry’s best tools and techniques.

Whether it’s your first time investing in a service like this or if you’ve done it before, our team looks forward to working with you.

Connect with us at (678) 422-2422 to discuss silk press hair and book your appointment today.

Get the Smooth Hair You’ve Always Dreamed of with Silk Press Hair Services

Are you tired of spending countless hours straightening your hair every morning? If so, a silk press treatment might just be your solution. Unlike a regular hair straightener, a silk press treatment can provide straight, manageable hair for up to two weeks.

A silk press is perfect for anyone looking to achieve an effortless and chic hairstyle for special occasions or vacations. It is also ideal for individuals seeking to manage their hair for shorter periods without compromising style.

At our salon, we have been providing top-quality silk press treatments for years. Our team of skilled professionals is dedicated to delivering exceptional results that leave our clients feeling confident and beautiful. Whether you are a first-time client or a regular, we are always eager to provide you with our expert services.

So why wait? Give us a call today to schedule your silk press appointment and experience the best in hair care services.

Enjoy Your Own Locks with Silk Press Natural Hair

A silk press treatment is an excellent alternative for individuals who have previously used braids or extensions on their hair. With a silk press, you can enjoy the natural beauty of your hair while still maintaining a smooth and sleek look.

Our salon's silk press process begins with a thorough hair wash and deep conditioning treatment. This ensures that your hair is properly moisturized and prepared for the styling process. After drying the hair, we use a flat iron to press it, resulting in a lustrous, straight finish.

It's worth noting that unlike other straightening services, our silk press treatment does not employ any harsh chemicals or damaging agents that could potentially harm your hair. We prioritize using natural, safe, and healthy techniques to achieve the desired result, so you can enjoy healthy, beautiful hair that lasts for weeks.

So, whether you are looking for a new style, or seeking to maintain a straight, sleek look, our silk press treatment is the perfect solution for you. Visit our salon today and experience the best in hair care services.

Work with the Area’s Best for Your Next Silk Press

If you want to work with a team that will give you the stunning results you deserve, Focused On You, Inc. has you covered. We have spent years in the industry, regularly updating our equipment and learning new techniques to bring you the best possible service and results.

When you work with our team, you can also expect:

  • Personalized consultations
  • Experienced personnel
  • Quick services
  • The use of high-quality tools
  • Unparalleled results

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If you’re ready to achieve the smooth, sleek look you’ve always wanted, Focused On You, Inc. invites you to contact our expert stylists at your convenience. We can talk you through the process and determine if it’s the right option for you before we get to work on your hair.

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