Silk Press Hair in Stockbridge

Focused On You, Inc. is proud to offer a wide range of hair styling services for naturally textured hair right here in Stockbridge. Silk press has long been one of our most popular services. If you’ve never tried it before, we’re happy to introduce you to it.

We’re excited to offer quality services to people of all ages and backgrounds, starting with an initial consultation and finishing with personalized care.

Phone our team at (678) 422-2422 to learn more about our professional silk press services or to schedule an initial consultation with one of our passionate stylists.

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Welcome to Our Silk Press Natural Hair Salon 

Our hair salon caters to everyone. We have completed kids' cuts, men’s hairstyling, and hundreds of women’s looks. Silk press hair is most popular among those with long, curly hair since it allows you to achieve a sleek, straight look.

The results of silk pressing are highly versatile, making it easy to pull back your hair or wear it long, depending on your everyday and personal style.

When you contact our salon about investing in silk press hair, we take the time to consult with you and let you know all about silk press hair services. Let us break down the process, go over any risks, and determine whether this is a good option for you.

We look forward to showing off our skills and transforming your hair. Connect with our expert stylists to schedule an appointment.

Silk Press Hair Without Chemicals

While other straightening processes rely heavily on intense chemicals, the silk press is a chemical-free option. The process involves a deep shampoo and condition, followed by a good dry.

Once the hair has been adequately prepared, we’ll use a special flat iron to press down the hair, smoothing out curls and texture.

Silk press hair is a great way to see the real length of your hair.  We’re excited to wow you with the results of our work.

Silk Press Hair Lets You Enjoy Straight, Silky Hair for Weeks

Another fantastic thing about silk press is that it can last up to a few weeks with proper care.

When we’re finished pressing your hair, we’ll recommend the following:

  • Wrapping up your locks in the evening
  • Keeping your hair as dry as possible
  • Avoiding adding heat to the hair
  • Avoiding using excess products in the hair

While many people will invest in silk press to elevate their day-to-day hair, many others will choose a silk press hairstyle for a special occasion like a wedding or a few days of vacation.

Are you curious whether a silk press will be the right choice for your hair? Our experts would love to chat with you about it.

Focused On You, Inc. Is Your Expert Silk Press Salon

A silk press is an excellent option for anyone looking to smooth their curly locks. Whether you are rocking a tight afro or if your hair has a subtle wave, a silk press can bring show-stopping results.

Focused On You, Inc. is well known for the quality and longevity of the silk presses we provide and have worked hard to establish ourselves among Stockbridge’s very best. See why so many are booking their silk press with us when you phone our team to set up a risk-free initial consultation.

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