Hair Relaxing in Riverdale

When you want to achieve smooth, straight hair that lasts, hair relaxing could be the service for you.

For years, the expert hairstylists at Focused On You, Inc. have been providing trusted hair relaxing services using only quality products and techniques.

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Find Out If Permanent Hair Straightening is the Service for You

Permanent hair straightening or hair relaxing is an excellent option for someone looking to increase the straightness of their hair for the long term. The process breaks down the strands in your hair and prevents them from curling.

If you love your curls and are looking for a short-term change, a chemical relaxant is likely not the right choice – but something else could be.

To discuss your options in more detail, contact our expert team. We’ll be happy to chat about your hair goals and provide suggestions.

A Hair Relaxing Treatment You Can Trust

When you decide hair relaxation is the right treatment for you, it pays to invest in professional salon services. You’ll want to put your trust in someone with years of experience who keeps up to date on industry innovations. Around here, that’s us.

We strive to provide hair-relaxing treatments that are safe and effective. We use top-quality products and tried and true techniques to achieve sleek, straight, and gorgeous hair of all lengths and densities. During your service, we’ll advise you on the best aftercare methods for your relaxed hair so you can look forward to enjoying the results for longer.

Maintain Your Style with Relaxed Hair Care

There are a few rules of thumb when it comes to maintaining your relaxed hair.

We recommend:

  • Use sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner.
  • Wash your hair only 1-2 times per week.
  • Wrap and cover your hair up at night.
  • Have your hair trimmed regularly.
  • Avoid heated styling as much as possible.

Once you’ve decided to have your hair chemically straightened, our team will go over all these hair care tips in more detail.

If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to give us a quick call.

Chemically Straighten Hair for Less

Chemical straightening can be an expensive endeavor. The products we use are not cheap, but we do try to make our relaxing services as accessible and affordable as possible. From the get-go, we’ll let you know how much your service will be so that you can plan your budget accordingly.

What to Expect During Your Hair Relaxing Treatment

A hair-relaxing treatment is a straightforward process and can be completed in less than a few hours. This treatment involves adding a relaxing lotion to the hair, letting it sit and work its magic. Then, we rinse it out with a special shampoo and conditioner.

Contact Focused On You, Inc. for Expert Hair Relaxing Services

When you’ve decided permanent straightening is the right choice for your hair, Focused On You, Inc. encourages you to get in touch with our team at (678) 422-2422.

We’re Riverdale’s top source for the best hair relaxation services in the community, and we’re looking forward to making your experience with us a wonderful one from start to finish.