Hair Relaxing in Morrow

If you want to transform your curly hair into a smooth, straight do, hair relaxing could be for you. Chemical relaxing is the process of breaking down the bonds of the hair to prevent it from curling, resulting in a smooth and shiny hairstyle.

The team of experts at Focused On You, Inc. is proud to offer safe, high-quality hair-relaxing services, and we look forward to showing you what we can do.

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Transform Your Look with Permanent Hair Straightening

Relaxing your locks could be a good solution if you’ve been struggling with styling your curly or wavy hair. The process involves adding a chemical treatment to your hair that breaks down the strand and prevents it from curling. Many of our clients have had great success with hair relaxing, whether they have tightly curled, highly textured hair or waves.

We’re happy to provide you with examples of the outcome and answer any questions you have before we get started. We invite you to book a consultation to find out more about what sets our hair relaxing service apart.

Everything You Need to Know about Relaxed Hair Care

Caring for your hair properly is crucial to keeping it looking straight and smooth. Well-maintained relaxed hair care includes:

  • Avoiding heat
  • Using sulfate-free products
  • Washing your hair only a couple of times a week
  • Ensuring you keep your hair moisturized

Our team can let you know the best way to maintain your locks once the treatment is complete. We’re experienced hair styling experts specializing in relaxed hair, so we know all the secrets to maintain your sleek do for longer.

Find Out if Hair Relaxing Is Right for You

Hair relaxing, while a transformational service, may not be the right treatment for everyone. If you want to maintain your curl pattern, you may want to avoid it. However, if you’re interested in having straighter, smoother hair in the long run, chemical straightening could be the solution you need.

What to Expect from Hair Relaxing Services

The hair relaxing process involves adding a relaxing lotion to the hair and letting it sit. We then rinse it out and clean the hair with special shampoo and conditioning products. Most hairdressers will style the hair once it’s been relaxed. The whole process will likely take no longer than two hours to complete.

Trust Our Experts for Your Hair Relaxing Treatment

When it comes to relaxing your hair, finding a hair stylist you can trust is important. While hair relaxing is a common practice, it isn’t always practiced well and can harm your hair if applied poorly.

Focused On You, Inc. is proud to be one of the area's most trusted and sought-after hair salons. We’re confident you won’t find a more qualified team to relax your hair.

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